When you create a new site on Humanities Commons and check off “Is this a course site?” the Learning Space from the MLA theme will be activated on your new site. This theme sets up a course site with places for you to update your course description and syllabus. You can add lessons, assignments, course documents, and events, and they’ll all display in an attractive way on the site. 

The theme creates a site set up so that an instructor can easily share information with students. 

The theme also supports student discussion of lessons through comments. This doesn’t require students to register for the Commons. Future iterations of the theme may incorporate features designed for courses where the students all register for Commons accounts and become authors on the site. 

Note that to create a site on Humanities Commons, you’ll need to register for an account. Visit Humanities Commons and click “Register” in the upper right corner. If you’re a member of one of our partner organizations, be sure to use the e-mail address associated with your membership when you register and you’ll get access to the partner network in addition to Humanities Commons. MLA members can register from the register link on MLA Commons.