Learning Space Syllabus

The syllabus page is where you can present all of the information your students will need to participate in the course.

Unit 1: Introduction to the theme

Visit the Introduction to Learning Space from the MLA lesson.

  • Review the main components of the course site: the front page, the syllabus page, lessons, assignments, documents, and the course calendar.
  • When you are signed in as the admin of your site with the Learning Space theme activated, you can explore how to edit these pages and add lessons, assignments, documents, and events from the admin dashboard.

Unit 2: Customize the theme for your course

Front page

Update the course and instructor information on the front page in the theme customizer (Appearance — Customize in the admin dashboard). Update the course description by editing the front page (Pages in the admin dashboard). The other information on the page is populated as you add lessons, assignments, documents, and events.


Once you have familiarized yourself with the main components of the site, you may want to customize some of the widgets and menus. See the lesson on How to Add or Change a Widget and then check out the Add a Widget to Display Assignments on the Front Page assignment.

As you add your own lessons, assignments, course documents, and events, these widgets will display your course’s material.